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(Deutsch) 3x60m_haiku – automatische Haiku (2013-12-10)

Sorry, this entry is only available in Deutsch.

Plugin for WordPress: Lorem Ipsum (2013-11-06)

Lorem Ipsum Plugin for WordPress. My customers like to see blindtexts inside their neu WordPress-designs. For this, I created this plugin, which displays configurable Lorem Ipsums.


Easy: Download the ZIP, depack, and copy into the WordPress-Plugin-folder using your FTP. After activation in Dashboard, a new Shortcode can be used.


The following passage contains 150 words, which are created using this Shortcode:

lorem ipsum urna lacinia non aptent nisi elementum odio consectetur felis porta, venenatis consequat varius curae etiam fusce neque donec eget tortor libero, consequat morbi odio curabitur inceptos varius ullamcorper luctus mauris bibendum. aliquet commodo nec odio lacus velit nullam egestas class, maecenas iaculis felis nunc dapibus phasellus ut, tempor velit mauris donec bibendum lobortis ante. et dui hac aliquet ullamcorper facilisis lacus scelerisque sociosqu dictumst, posuere in viverra litora donec accumsan etiam habitant turpis aptent, aliquam id nibh odio erat est dictumst accumsan. fusce vitae semper habitasse justo morbi nulla elit libero sagittis justo mauris morbi pellentesque, bibendum habitasse blandit iaculis vivamus aenean pellentesque ac mattis feugiat massa.

dictum vitae accumsan leo malesuada mollis nam volutpat, et condimentum viverra sit lacus dolor massa augue, est nibh cras hendrerit convallis tempus. tempor nullam consectetur purus litora nostra litora, tristique blandit urna tempus aliquam congue id, cursus pulvinar himenaeos aptent potenti.

. The default value is 100 words. The Lorem Ipsum Generator was made by

Lorem Ipsum

lorem ipsum tincidunt arcu adipiscing torquent ultricies maecenas molestie, convallis sagittis hendrerit inceptos cursus sodales rutrum, facilisis luctus feugiat vulputate platea habitasse at. lobortis phasellus fringilla dui semper sapien eget morbi convallis aliquet, dapibus venenatis volutpat ultrices praesent nunc ultrices lacinia pulvinar, porta mi integer eget nisi rhoncus per vel. elit metus ligula habitasse potenti nisi maecenas tortor class odio adipiscing quis praesent, morbi accumsan amet tristique justo augue quisque accumsan amet hendrerit curabitur, metus velit litora quisque nec massa aliquam semper etiam netus tempor. fusce nibh vehicula etiam phasellus ornare gravida consequat et, ipsum ad congue nam torquent ipsum cras sollicitudin, non ullamcorper vitae aliquet turpis arcu viverra.

erat amet litora ultricies metus leo quam donec eu platea ad, sit fames sodales placerat nisl rutrum accumsan conubia ultrices, blandit sem consectetur ullamcorper faucibus consequat nunc imperdiet inceptos. ac nunc varius euismod ipsum, est fames habitasse pretium, purus in aliquet.

Download: Lorem Ipsum Plugin for WordPress.
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Kostenlos Projektieren (2013-10-30)

Sorry, this article is currently only available in German.

Check for activated GZip or Deflate in Apache (2013-10-23)

During researches, I found a service, which will check your site if GZip and/or Deflate are used. These compression-modules can be activated in .htaccess. My WordPress-installation uses a plugin which activates both. Depending on your browser, GZip or Deflate are used.

These are the results before and after activation on I called the main-page.

Before, the page need 7.98 seconds for 241.18 kb to load.


With activated plugin, its only 5.85 seconds and 73.63 kb. 2 seconds faster, and 170 kb less. If you count hundreds of visitors per hour, data will cumulated: 100 visitors per hour are 17 mb less data transferred.


Link: GZip-Tester.

How to recreate iOS 7 design (using MS Word) (2013-10-22)

Vaclav Krejci, who offers his Word-Tutorials and more on the internet, sat down to recreate iOS 7 and some case-mockups. Using Word… I don’t know, which information is more breathtaking: That he uses Word, or that iOS 7 is based on so simple forms. But see for yourself:


Doug, World: I recently found your MenuMail program via the AppStore, and just wanted to say, thanks! It was exactly what I was looking for [...] (MenuMail)